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Infinity Wellbeing focuses on personal development (be it physical, emotional or spiritual) and encourages positive habits to become part of our daily working and own life.

Infinity Wellbeing can be the catalyst for change in your life - offering you a solution for moving away from old habits toward a lifestyle that you can sustain.

My name is Gabrielle McMahon and welcome to Infinity Wellbeing.  I attended my first yoga class in the year 2000 at a Key West studio in the USA and was in hooked.  I returned to Australia and attended many yoga classes of different instruction; I found my preferred style of practice and stayed with it. 

In 2005 I completed my yoga studies with an (Adv. Dip in Yoga Teaching) and have been instructing ever since.  Ten years later, I gained my Certificate to Teach Matwork Pilates.

​I have experienced profound growth through the use of yoga, pilates, breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness and have an intense yearning to help others do the same. Throughout my working life, I have seen many people, including myself who live with unnecessary pain and discomfort, because they aren't aware of the simple changes that could greatly benefit their health".

In 2007 I left Sydney for Bhutan, which was life-changing. I took up residency in the valley of Paro working for a luxury property as their resident yoga teacher. My Bhutanese experience was one of great happiness; living and breathing Bhutanese culture was nothing like I had ever experienced. Living in Bhutan allowed me to delve deeper into my meditation practice and to explore the challenges of living in a remote location.

I have lived in many countries and Australian states managing boutique properties and instructed yoga, pilates and wellbeing along the way.  I live in Australia with my husband and the beloved dogs that we adopted throughout our travels.  My life revolves around my daily wellbeing practice, imparting knowledge to my students, connecting with loved ones, connecting with nature and animals and giving back to society.

If I can be of assistance, please send me an email via the link at the bottom of each page.


Infinity Wellbeing offers all services nationally and abroad.


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