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Supplier:  Infinity Wellbeing


Client Jones Lang LaSalle National “Physical Challenge”


When:  September – November (12 weeks)


Why Global real estate provider, Jones Lang LaSalle encourage their staff to embrace a healthy balance of work and personal life.  The firm understands that physical wellbeing and lifestyle balance are critical contributors to teamwork and staff performance.  Jones Lang LaSalle know that their people are their most valuable asset.


Where:  Jones Lang LaSalle Offices

National (Sydney, North Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth)


Participants:  Up to 140 participants weekly


How it worked: In an honesty based system designed to encourage physical activity and intercompany interaction, individuals and teams of up to 5, are encouraged to earn points for any exercise they engage in over 12 weeks.

Participants are required to record & tally points for activities performed from an approved list; e.g. Yoga, each person records the activities performed based on the approved list, ie. Yoga =10 points, Gym Class = 10 points, Swimming per 100m = 1 point etc.  Winners are determined by the number of points accrued, with
An essential element of the 2006 program was the addition of company funded

yoga classes and lifestyle seminars, hosted during working hours.  Infinity Yoga & Wellbeing drew on our National resource of yoga teachers and developed a program of teaching Yoga in each location over 12 weeks.  Jones Lang LaSalle staff were sent questionnaire forms to complete before attending the yoga classes; this enabled the yoga teacher to implement modifications to the participants' practice who had existing ailments/injuries. Each location was delivered Yoga mats.


Special Touches:  By giving the participants the opportunity of modifying their practice, it did not exclude anyone from attending the yoga class.   We wanted to assure participants that Yoga is not about twisting oneself into a human-like pretzel.  If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.  In addition to the yoga classes, Infinity Wellbeing conducted a series of wellbeing seminars.   The seminars were held for staff monthly; the three sessions held were on topics such as "Finding Your Breath", "Relaxation/Meditation" and "Nutrition".   Each participant received handouts that attended the seminar so that they could continue their practice of wellbeing.

In Summary:  The most critical outcome for Jones Lang LaSalle was that their staff participates in the "Physical Challenge 2006".  The numbers were achieved, and most importantly, everyone had fun and worked together as a team.  The perfect outcome for a business that understands its people.

The key outcomes of the program for Jones Lang LaSalle included:

  • Employee engagement

  • Education on wellbeing practices for their team

  • Great feedback from participants

  • Increased participation in the physical challenge program

And most importantly, FUN!

Clients Comment:  “Infinity Wellbeing has been fantastic.  The classes are well run, and the whole program was organised with ease.  Our staff loved participating in the classes and found them exceptionally calming experience during their frantic days."


Kim Chapple
National Administration Manager
Management Solutions, Australasia

Jones Lang LaSalle

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