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Having been a delegate at many conferences through the years and organised just as many in my corporate life, I know that meetings can be drawn-out and tedious. Death by PowerPoint has given you a headache, you have been in a dark room all day and to top it all off you have overeaten.

Sound familiar?


Complement your next meeting, conference, event with Workplace Wellbeing Workshops.

We can offer a variety of services that will enhance your next conference or event, the delegates will rejuvenate, and it will significantly boost the effectiveness of the participants.

Following the consultation, a tailored program is forthcoming created to address the needs of your conference/event. You may require morning yoga or meditation classes to regain clarity for the day ahead, 10-minute wake up yoga and breath techniques before or after sessions to re-energise. A Wellbeing Program is an innovative way to give back to employees or clients on a conference.  Use it in a plenary or breakout session with various topics on breathing; yoga; pilates; work/life balance; team building; stress management; relaxation/meditation, nutrition, or have a massage.


Infinity Wellbeing has resources to accommodate nationally and abroad

The Possibilities Are Endless

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