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Infinity Wellbeing has been fantastic.  The classes are well run, and the whole program was organised with ease.  Our staff really love participating in the classes and find them an exceptionally calming experience amid their frantic days.

Kim Chapple, National Administration Manager, Management Solutions,

Australasia Jones Lang LaSalle

“The look on their faces and enthusiasm was priceless as they embraced a yoga session during a race around the world incentive at Hilton Sydney. It was a great testament to Gabrielle’s soothing tone and skills to manage 30 groups in 3 hours. Simply sensational.”

David Addison Event Manager Avanti Events

Corporate Incentive Conference


“I just can’t wait for next Monday’s session of Infinity Wellbeing. Cleanse the mind, focus the spirit and increase body tone all contribute to my personal wellbeing at the office. It is a great start to the week.”

David Addison, Managing Director, Avanti Events


"Gabrielle was a fantastic instructor, she fully explained every movement and was so patient with us all, everyone found the activity great fun on the conference, not many people had tried yoga, so it was a real eye-opener for us all.  From all of us here at Reckitt Benckiser, Thank you for all your positive energy and for putting together so many wonderful classes."

Lynette Vallejo, Regional Executive Assistant, Reckitt Benckiser


Thank you for the yoga classes you offered at the MEA National Conference 2006. It was an excellent start to the mornings and helped to focus me for the rest of the day. The tea break sessions were also fantastic, a change from eating even more food and giving us a chance to re-charge the batteries before the next session. At conferences, there is an excess of everything, food, information, entertainment, it is fantastic to have time to focus inwards and relax even for a few minutes.

Stephanie Blower, Executive Secretary, Australasian Sleep Association

(Meetings & Events National Conference, Gold Coast)



“The introductory course was fantastic. I had hoped to learn the basics, become more flexible and begin to develop more strength – as I'm feeling both stronger and more flexible it worked! The increased understanding of meditation was a bonus.”

Mel, Director, Toniq Events


I thoroughly enjoy our Monday night yoga class, I find it is very different from any other class I’ve been to as I’m actually learning more about yoga each week. Not just getting better at the postures but learning how the body benefits from doing each and every pose. I could never meditate before I took one of your classes, but now I can yogic breath myself to sleep any time I want. As a teacher, you are fabulous – always calm, attentive to each of us, very knowledgeable, and you have the best meditation voice in the world!  I can't wait to get started again.

Britt, Event Director, Toniq Events

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